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Another Excruciating Loss September 19, 2007

Posted by mattosber in Red Sox.

I, like most other Sox fans, take every loss hard.  Tough losses harder.  And games we should have won but lose in excruciating fashion – it’s the lowest point imaginable.  Tonight with a 2-1 lead in the bottom of the 8th, Tito puts in Gagne.  Sort of a test, to see if he can handle 8th inning chores in a close game.  He gets the first two outs.  No problem.  Then walk, single, walk, and the mother of all chokes, he walks in the tying run.  Goes to 3-2 on the next batter, and in fear of walking in the go-ahead run, he gives up a shot to right field that just goes over JD Drew’s glove for a two-run hit.  4-2 Blue Jays.  Lugo hits a home run in the 9th just to tease us and it’s another loss.   

Two losses in 5 days where we blew 8th inning leads in excruciating fashion.  This team is going nowhere in the playoffs playing like this.

The lead is now down to 2 1/2, or will be as the Yankees are winning 12-0 tonight.  Everyone is calculating magic numbers with oh, the Yankees can’t win every game.  Against Baltimore, Toronto, and Tampa Bay the Yankees could easily run the table.  It really feels like ’78 – the first team ever to be in first place and be mathematically eliminated.  Ok, the injuries have made our lineup impotent lately, with Manny, Youk, and Crisp out tonight.  At least the wild card is still there, and maybe we get our act together before the playoffs.



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